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Welcome to Poppy and Grey!

When I started blogging over 10 years ago, I wanted to carve out a space that was just for me! For over half my life I've been the wife of or the mother of. While, I will declare loud and proud that I am and have pretty much always been a SAHM and wife, I was craving an identity of my own! 

In the last decade, blogging has changed so much and so have I! My thirties were about finding the part of me that always took a backseat to being a wife and mother. As I stepped into my forties, nourishing that part of me became a priority. And as I settle firmly into the middle of my fourth decade, I want to embrace it all! It seemed like a perfect time for a fresh start! And, here we are with a new name and new look! 


What is Poppy and Grey?



I'm a wife. A mother to five amazing souls. And, a new grandmother! Much of my time is spent balancing all of those things. And, I'm finding it easier to have platforms that reflect this beautiful and messy life instead of compartmentalizing all of the things!   



Here you will find all of the fun things we do as a family but there will also be reflections on those still moments and mundane routines that make up a well lived life. I'm in a new season of life! Middle age is officially adulting...or so they say. I'm struggling to figure it out and I hope to share the journey with you.



I started blogging as a way to document my personal style. And after taking a short detour through postpartum depression, some body changes and chasing a toddler, my interest in style has returned! What I wear has evolved but my passion for living life with style is steadfast! 


Sometimes life's best moments are found in the grey.

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In a world where everything is black and white,

I delight in the infinite shades of grey.