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worn 8.18


while i've always loved clothes i've never been one of those people that worried too much about what to wear. thanks to a mom that has her own fearless sense of style i learned early that clothing was a fun way to express myself and i pretty much wore whatever i wanted. that's not to say i had a ton of self confidence because i didn't. i just always figured there were so many other reasons that people would dislike me and how i was dressed didn't even crack the top 5.

now, with a post baby body and a job that has me either chasing a super active toddler or cleaning buckets and hauling flowers i'm completely stumped by my wardrobe. dresses and heels used to be something i wore everyday. i'm not saying those things never make an appearance-they do-but for the most part i'm about 1000% more casual than i used to be.

this outfit is not something that would have ever seen the light of day a few years ago. other than the fact that i felt put together in a not trying too hard kind of way there isn't anything special about it. i'm wearing pieces that are now a requirement for everyday life. i have to be able to move easily, i don't have time to worry about staining(toddlers are a messy bunch!), it's long enough to cover what needs covering and it still looks decent if i'm wearing my kid in his sling. baby wearers hollaaaa!! 


also, i'm obsessed with this kimono! i want to wear it with everything! if you told me 25 years ago that i would be wearing birkenstocks or in my case "faux-kenstocks" i would have told you and that cloud of patchouli you rode in on to shut it! so to all of those hippies who hung out on short vine that i mocked in my snotty prep school way, my sincerest apologies. these shoes are comfy as hell and they're shiny. my favorite combination.

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