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As of late, I’ve been really unsure of my style. Questioning what I like or whether I have any style at all. My mid 40’s has been a trippy time, my friends.

A lot of that uncertainty is tied to how I feel about my looks and body. And if I’m being 100 (as the kids say), most of the time it’s difficult for me to quiet that inner voice that screams about the weight I’ve gained in the last five years that refuses to budge, upper arms that never go uncovered, hips and thighs that are too wide and too thick, the double chin that I can’t contour away and on and on and on.

While I’m working on loving who I am right now. In this moment, In this body. I’ve tasked myself ridding my closet of anything that doesn’t make feel good when I put it on. As our favorite, new chaos coordinator, Marie Kondo would say, “does it spark joy?”

This simple look of things I’ve had for years and a new thrifted t-shirt did indeed spark a little bit of joy.

Have started Kondo-ing your wardrobe? Are you finding any old favorites or forgotten gems?

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{worn} Snow Leopard


Yesterday it was almost 60 degrees. Today it’s not quite 40. So I guess we’re going to do this long gray January thing! Sigh.

Lately, I’ve been craving all of the neutrals. And because I’m a maximalist at heart I pile them on with reckless abandon! There is nothing particularly extraordinary about this outfit. And, during the cold months jeans, a cute sweater and boots-and all of its variations-become my uniform. But, the thing I love most about this look in particular is that it’s the perfect example of mom style on a budget.

The boots are the only relatively expensive thing I’m wearing. They were $120 and are at least 5 years old. I’m fairly certain these were a pre Rowan purchase so that would put them at closer to 6! The chunky and relatively low heel make them manageable for wearing when I’m out with him. At this point the cost per wear is down to a few cents! The cardigan and the jeans were thrifted and totaled $10. I scored the blouse on the Tj Maxx clearance rack for about $6 and the scarf was left behind by one of my daughters when they moved out so it was F R E E!!

Mom-ing is hard! I’m certainly not going to tell any one of us how we should or shouldn’t dress on any given day. My kid is almost 5 and there are still days when managing a shower requires a plan as detailed as a scene in Mission:Impossible. We struggle with taking time for ourselves or spending money on ourselves. This year I’m really focusing on putting together a closet that not only makes me feel good when I can grab a few minutes for myself but is also priced so that when the inevitable peanut butter fingerprints end up on my top I’m not too freaked out about it!

Do you have a winter “uniform”? How has motherhood changed the way you approach getting dressed?

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i've been hitting up the local thrift stores in search of a coffee table, bookcases and lamps to makeover in order to give our living room some much needed style. i haven't found anything i can use for that project but i have found some amazing things to add to my closet! 

in the past, i've posted my love of american eagle jeans! they are a super stretchy and high waisted marvel of modern engineering. i've loved the artist flares but it's been too hot to think about jeans. i found a pair at the salvation army that fit like a dream! i also scored an anthropologie dress and a buttery soft leather handbag for a total of $10!   

 i think all of these items will work well as we transition from late summer into fall!  



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i've really been taking the idea of building a conscious closet and the concept of a capsule wardrobe to heart. i'm slowly making my way through my closet. purging as i go. to be completely honest i'm at my heaviest non pregnant weight and it's tough. my self esteem has taken a huge hit so the thought of clearing my closet of all of the beautiful things that not only no longer suit my lifestyle but are several sizes too small is a bitter pill to swallow!

but, life moves on. i don't want to miss out on making memories with Rowan or going out with my husband because i feel like i have nothing to wear or i look terrible in the things i do have. the past few months i've been shopping and thrifting. putting together a fall wardrobe that is not only functional but also makes me feel good when i go out. 

i made a drastic change when i colored my hair gray! the new color has also affected my style choices. i've been drawn to a more subdued color palette{gray,navy,army green,black}  as well as more modern and sporty styles. i feel like my past affinity for embellishment and frill would age me a little and compete with the gray. instead of the "wow" pieces i've been searching for basics in nice fabrics with interesting details. also, i thrifted these jeans for $1.95 !!WHAT!!

these days my errand running style is more sporty spice than lady beckham and i'm actually ok with it.