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Sunday Funday|An Afternoon in the City

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I am not the most spontaneous person. Neither is my husband. I don't know if it's because we're both Virgos or if we're just set in our ways. So, I was pretty proud of us for deciding to pack up the kiddo and head downtown for the day. We were all dressed, ready out the door in an hour! Shouldn't Sunday afternoons be about finding a little adventure?   We hadn't been to the Observation Deck at Carew Tower in years but it was a perfect afternoon to introduce Rowan to a picture perfect view.   

Why does my sweet baby boy look like such a big kid these days?! Gah! It's all flying by too fast! 

We stumbled upon a climate change rally! These were my two favorite signs. After spending time on Fountain Square we hopped on the streetcar to head to Findlay Market. We've been on it a handful of times and just realized that Nick Lachey voices the stops. That is so Cincinnati!  


We had a quick and delicious lunch, listened to some street performers and bought some goodies before heading home. Sunday, fun day, indeed! 

family{opening day}

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opening day in cincinnati is an unofficial holiday. people take off work. parents call their kids in sick to school. some schools will bring classes down for a field trip. it's a day that blankets the city in a sea of red and gives everyone the warm fuzzies.

we headed downtown monday to be a part of the festivities. 

rowan lasted longer than we thought he would but we were all a bit ready to escape the crowds. so we followed up the parade with tacos and a few adult beverages!

we're looking forward to more of this-warm days, dining outside and of course, baseball!! 


family{pumpkin patch}

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friday we bundled up and set out for the pumpkin farm, blooms and berries

last year rowan was just a few months old so the pumpkin picking excursion was definitely for us. but, oh what a difference a year makes! it was so much fun to watch him run around taking everything in.

he could have spent all day with the goats. they came over and licked his fingers which sent him into a fit of giggles. there were also a few tears when he realized they couldn't come home with us. somehow two urban suburbanites have a little one that is an outdoorsy animal lover! 

dad braved the slide. it's kind of hard to say no to that little face.

i highly recommend this for families with little ones. there is a great age/size appropriate straw maze and the adorable cow ride. there are picnic tables so it's possible to pack a lunch if you'd like. unfortunately it started to rain so we had to leave before we had a chance to take the hayride. they also have a little market on site where apples, caramel apples, cider etc can be purchased. pumpkins(of course!)and fall flowers are also available. adults are $7 kids under 2 are free