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Local Love || P L A Y L I B R A R Y


A few weeks ago I met up with mom friends and their kiddos at a new to us place, The Play Library. My husband had mentioned it to me in a conversation but for whatever the information didn't really register. He'll tell you it's because I never listen to him but #alternatefacts y'all. Anyway, we had an amazing time at that first outing and it's quickly become one of my favorite Rowan approved places in the city. 

This adorable little space is basically a lending library for toys and games! Ro has so much stuff and so many toys that the idea of being able to check out something new and enjoy it without worrying about where to store it is a parent's dream! 

A membership(monthly or yearly) is required to check things out, but it's FREE to come in and play, although donations are welcomed! Members also get access to all Library events and a discount if you want to rent the space out for a private event. So, why are you waiting?! Go check it out!

This cozy little corner on Elm St. feels a little bit like getting a glimpse behind a magic door. It's essentially the room of my 7 year old dreams!  

This treehouse inspired is perfect for my little sensory seeker! Getting him to sit still in chairs can be a challenge because he often requires physical stimulus in order to calm himself. These swings require him to balance although they are anchored underneath to prevent slipping and falling. And, that additional physical activity provides enough stimuli that he is able to sit and concentrate. 

And, of course, he found a garbage truck! 

All of that play is exhausting so we finished our afternoon with a treat. 

local heart{spotlight: spruce}


friday morning doug takes rowan to swim lessons. i usually spend the time sleeping or cleaning. a few weeks ago, i was exhausted and worn out from a particularly challenging week of toddler wrangling, i declared friday as "my day!" i had grand visions of a morning spent in a cute cafe reading and sipping a cafe au lait to my hearts content. as soon as the words left my mouth i never thought about it again! until, last week.

last week i decided to indulge myself with a manicure so i booked an appointment at spruce.

spruce is one of the newest offerings in vine street's gateway quarter. it features natural and toxic free lotion, scrubs and cuticle oils in a relaxing and eco-friendly. 

the first thing i noticed when i walked in was the smell. it smells really, really good. the total opposite of a nail salon! the design of the salon is simple, minimal and gorgeous. i was swooning at all of the copper details, especially the sink in the back wall! the staff was warm and friendly without seeming like they were trying too hard. meagan and i chatted about everything from nail color to babies to moms giving themselves some time off as she worked on my nails.

  i haven't had a proper manicure since before rowan was born and this little indulgence was exactly what i needed!  

i mean, seriously! my nails look awesome!! so, what are you waiting for? treat yo self!