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this post was written before the events that happened over the weekend. it goes without saying that my heart is breaking for those that were victims of the attacks in paris and beirut and baghdad and kenya. i don't know what the answer is except to keep loving each other and try to broaden our understanding of one another. 

obsessed with missy elliot's new video! it's so good!!! 

i've been watching a lot of hulu especially british crime shows. lately i've been sucked into nordic noir. the sandhamm murders is a swedish drama. the scenery is gorgeous, the characters are compelling and the subtitles force me to actually watch rather than have it on as background noise while i tend to other things.

one major difference between parenting now versus the early 90s is access to information about parenting. there weren't blogs and websites and online journals with headlines terrifying you into clicking.  these two articles(here and here) gave me more insight and a little confidence into the choices we are making to raise rowan in an environment that has changed drastically in the twenty odd years that i've had this mom gig.  

i've always been a pretty  political person although i've been hesitant to discuss my own politics in this space. however, we are living in serious times. times that require reflection and thoughtful discourse and conversation. i'm trying to figure out a way to do this regularly that is complementary to the rest of the blog.  

this interview with young woman that made headlines with her act of silent protest was an insightful window behind the scenes.  

i've also become really interested in feminism and intersectionality. Specifically issues and challenges that women of color often deal with on a daily basis. this article about our pain that is often deeply hidden resonated with me. i have been thinking of all the amazing and wonderful woman i know and love who silently carry this pain. these struggles. and it is literally killing them.