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The Lazy Girl's Guide to Scrapbooking


Back in the day, I was a huge fan of scrapbooking. I had baskets and bins filled with papers and embellishments. I would print out my photos and sift through trying to come up with the perfect layout. And therein lies my problem.  I spent so much time wanting to make it perfect that I fell further and further behind. And I ended up with 14 months worth of photos I needed to scrapbook! Yikes! Then one day I stumbled on Project Life. It was a much easier and more modern way of memory keeping.  So once again, I bought a core kit and an album and got to work. And, once again I quickly fell behind due to my own expectations.   

Two years ago I fell down the rabbit hole of pretty or decorative planning. Planners and stickers make me a very happy girl! I've been happily exploring the world of decorative planning. I've grown from using scrapbook paper and stamping to buying stickers on Etsy to trying my hand at designing my own. My husband is a reluctant enabler of my hobby that he doesn't quite "get" but for Christmas, he surprised me with the newest planner gadget, an HP Sprocket. I can easily print out photos from my phone onto sticker paper! What is life?! I've been using it here and there to put photos in my planner. But, with the release of the big Happy Planner, I decide to fully commit to memory keeping again. 

The planner itself is dated(although there are undated versions) and beautifully illustrated. You could print out your pictures, slap them down and be finished. Easy like Sunday morning. I've chosen to add a little layering with scrapbook paper, a few stickers and some notes about the week that I'd like to remember.

It is so easy but at the same time allows me to get as creative as I want. It's also forcing me to print out photos which is something that I rarely do! I jot down little notes or cute things I want to remember throughout the week so that I can add them to my weekly layout.

This spread took me less than 30 minutes to put together!