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all hallows eve{diy wreath}


I'm slowly trying to add a little Halloween to the house. As I've mentioned before, I'm not a big fan of Halloween, especially the scary and gory aspects! But, there's got to be a way to add a spooky twist with the things I like!

We all know that it all starts with the front door! Why should wreaths be saved for the holiday season?  With that in mind, I headed to Michael's to trick(pun intended!) out my front door.

It goes without saying that fake flowers are my least favorite thing to use in design and decor. But, it's Ohio in October so using anything living is not possible or cost effective. I was really surprised at the options available! My favorite thing to use in any arrangement I design is texture. It's difficult to find things that aren't real that have the texture of the real deal! Not only was able to get my beloved textural elements, I also found some pretty close to the real deal greenery and flowers.

This is the first time I've attempted to make a wreath with faux flowers and I'm thrilled with the results! 

I found moss, thistle and dusty miller to give the wreath texture.

I was surprised to find pretty real looking kale and hydrangea! 

Start by removing everything form the stems.  I used floral clippers but you can use wire cutters or scissors. I wired the larger blooms to wreath with a thin gauge wire. After wiring I went back in with the hot glue gun to make sure all of the blooms and greens were firmly attached.

And now, the fun stuff! I attached the thistle with wire and glue as well. The skull is styrofoam so I was able to stick on top of a wooden skewer(otherwise known as leftover chopstick!) and secure it with glue. Then I simply slip it into place.  At the last minute I decided the bow I was going to use seem to polished so I opted to use some yarn. I LOVE the result!

Et Voila!!

It's pretty but  dark and a little spooky! It's the perfect mate for our new "welcome" mat!! 


Do greet visitors at the front door with a little bit creepy holiday spirit? 

strawberry season {heart and home}


this morning was a bit of a struggle. i went to bed last night with a headache and it was even worse when i woke up. we were supposed to meet up with some friends but i decided not to push. i cancelled the rest of our commitments, turned on peppa pig for rowan and rested.

one hour and two advil later, i felt a little better. i also felt extremely guilty for parking my kid in front of the television for an hour in an attempt to get a little more sleep.  

so, today was the perfect day to bake(and assuage my guilt!) we had intended to take ro strawberry picking last week but a stomach virus put a kink in our plan. i was more than delighted when one of our neighbors dropped off some of their berry bounty! i promised my husband i would make something tasty. i dusted off ruby- what? doesn't everyone name their mixer?!- and decided to give it a shot.

i will cop to being less than competent when it comes to baking. it's too exacting and science-y for me. perfect icing, intricate crust designs, pulled sugar...not in a million years. but, homey and rustic, that, i can do.

when i spotted a recipe for a rustic strawberry and cream cobbler i had to try it! my absolute favorite treat right now is mcdonald's strawberry and creme pie. seriously. #sorryimnotsorry they are so damn good!!  

rowan helped. and by helped, i mean stole a bunch of strawberries! cutest little thief i've ever seen!

they sit in flour, a little sugar, and lemon juice for at least a half hour. top them with your favorite biscuit recipe before baking.

heaven on a plate!

recipe found here