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The Girl With The Glasses


Earlier in the year I went to have an eye exam. I was expecting to finally get the news that is another harbinger of middle age…bi-focals. Color me shocked that I was able to hold that one off!

Anyway, a few weeks ago I finally got my act together and ordered my new glasses. Since I discovered I could get stylish and affordable glasses online I cannot remember the last pair I purchased from a regular retailer. Zenni is bae! I’ve flirted with a few other websites but I always end up back where I started. I ordered 3 pair. A new pair of sunnies, a pair to wear around the house, and a new every day pair. Three pair of prescription glasses and shipping was a whopping $75! I couldn’t be happier.


Worn{feeling fall}


Fall has finally arrived and I am here for it! Yaaasssss! Give me pumpkin spice! Give me scarves! Give me boots!! We’ve had temps in the 80s until last week! But, you know….global warming is totes not a thing y’all! ::insert your favorite eye roll gif here!::

Anyway, I’m deeply in love with jewel tones right now. So this combination of red, mustard, orange and teal is perfection. These sneakers tho! I’ve been contemplating a pair of high top wedge kicks for a while. They were on trend a few years ago. For some reason I couldn’t currently get them off my mind. Comfortable and a little bit of edge! Why did I pass on them before?! I had a pair sitting in my Amazon cart. A few weeks ago I decided to pop in Goodwill because I had some time to kill before I needed to pick Rowan up from school. These were the first thing I saw when I walked in the door! And, they were $4. It was meant to be!


Has the weather cooled off in your neck of the woods? Are you ready for all the fall things?

worn{heart of gold}


I've gotten really good at figuring out how well something will work with my wardrobe before buying it. I once read some arbitrary rule that proclaimed you should be able to wear something with at least five existing items in your closet before you consider buying it. I'm not sure where I read it or why it stuck but it seems reasonable. And while I don't treat it as a hard and fast rule, when adding things to my cart if can't pair it with a few things I already own or see me wearing at various everyday activities, I'll pass on it. 

And then, there are some things you buy that speak to you on a spiritual level so you click "confirm order" and immediately try to figure out how many things you can pair with them because if loving it is wrong, you don't want to be right! These shoes, in all of their shiny, rose gold glory, are one such purchase. I've been wearing them nonstop since they arrived and mostly with jeans because Mother Nature suddenly remembered that November in Ohio should be cold. How rude?!! I can't wait to wear them with some of my favorite dresses when it warms up a bit. 

Today was a quiet day around the house so I'm keeping it simple with a sequined embellished sweater, leather look leggings, and gilded sneakers. You know...wardrobe basics.


worn{fair isle and flares}


There's something about fair isle sweaters and flared jeans that gets me every time. Maybe because it reminds of the glory days of American ready to wear fashion, the 1970s. A decade that had the whole sporty, effortlessly chic thing happening for it. Perhaps it's that on this day, election day. A year to the day that my country broke my heart, I'm longing for the idea of what we used to be instead of the reality of what we are. 


worn{date night}


I haven't been on a proper get a babysitter, get dressed up and go into to town night out with my husband in a long time. On a recent and very warm Saturday night, I headed out with the husband. 

If I'm being totally honest with you, getting dressed is a struggle. I'm not happy with my body or my weight right now. Putting on a pretty dress and a pair of heels to go out with my husband used to be something that I looked forward to doing several times a month. These days the opportunity to go it is rare and instead of jumping at the chance to do it, I kind of dread it. It's hard for me to feel good in something when I'm uncomfortable in my own skin.    


I bought this dress a few years ago at Forever 21 of all places and it's been a go-to ever since. It's short and flirty. The low back is sexy without being too revealing and the shoes, what? Doesn't every girl have a a fur trimmed strappy sandal as one of their wardrobe basics?      


The event we attended suggested "street chic" as the attire. For two forty something, suburban parents, I think we nailed it ;)   

worn {10.3.16}


it's finally starting feel like fall around here! i celebrated by breaking out my boots!! we headed to a local farm on sunday morning for the annual sunflower festival.

i've been pining for a pair of frye boots for the longest time! i've purchased several non frye pair in my look for less quest. alas, none of them got it quite right. i finally decided to treat myself and i ordered them! as soon as they got here i felt guilty so, i sent them back. can you guess what happened next? i regretted not keeping them! ha! i once again logged on to amazon to order. this is where the story gets good...i looked up my beloved boots and they had one pair in a half size bigger than my normal size BUT they were only $170...and i had a $30 amazon credit!! you guys, i bought a pair of frye boot for a $140!! they fit perfectly too!

they were probably not the best choice for a messy, muddy morning of the farm but hashtag YOLO ;) i came home and let the mud dry. brushed it off and they still look great!

outfit details:

top-bcbg-thrifted similar here
jeans-american eagle-thrifted similar here
bag- coach classic crossbody-thrifted similar here
boots- frye melissa knotted in redwood



i've been hitting up the local thrift stores in search of a coffee table, bookcases and lamps to makeover in order to give our living room some much needed style. i haven't found anything i can use for that project but i have found some amazing things to add to my closet! 

in the past, i've posted my love of american eagle jeans! they are a super stretchy and high waisted marvel of modern engineering. i've loved the artist flares but it's been too hot to think about jeans. i found a pair at the salvation army that fit like a dream! i also scored an anthropologie dress and a buttery soft leather handbag for a total of $10!   

 i think all of these items will work well as we transition from late summer into fall!  



worncourtnee2 Comments

things i regret saying, "leggings are not pants!" silly, pre-toddler, pre guacamole enthusiast me! last week i wore leggings 3 out of 7 days. i wore pajama pants on the other four but we don't really need to discuss that, do we?!

so when i'm not wearing my favorite black jeans, i'm wearing leggings. capsule dressing and simplifying my wardrobe has given me a few variations of what i'm sure will become a winter uniform-leggings, blouse, cardigan or blazer and boots.  this anthropologie sweater is at least 5 years old. i think maybe it was worn once or twice after i bought it. as a result,  it sat in my donate bin for a long time.  i always liked the pattern but recently fell in love with this bordeaux color. i'm glad i saved it!