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sometimes i wonder if people who have met me in the past few years would recognize the old me.  there are so many things in my life that have changed in the last five or six years. some are much better. some are just different. and some. well, i long for those days. i've mentioned before that my style and self esteem have taken a major hit. i miss the days where i wore fancy dresses and heels just because it felt good! i'm challenging myself to get a little bit of that back this year. this means that i'm forcing myself to let go of my daily mom uniform and "dress up" at least one day a week. of course dress up is a relative term but i'm holding myself to no yoga pants, leggings or uggs on those days.

it's been a fairly mild winter in ohio. i only had a few errands to run with the little and none of them included sitting/playing/crawling around on the floor so i threw caution to the wind and wore a dress!

i love that this dress has enough weight to it that i can pair with tights and sweaters when it's cool but it's light enough that i can wear it with sandals in the warmer months.  i tend to layer over things and it never really occurred to me to use the dress as a top layer over this plaid shirt. don't know why i needed to see it on pinterest to make it click but thanks pinterest! here's to banishing the wardrobe blues in 2016!