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yesterday we headed to the cincinnati art museum. it was the final day for the high style: twentieth-century masterworks from the brooklyn museum costume collection. the dresses in the collection were beyond gorgeous! however, the crowd was a little intense. note to self: do not wait for the final day to see an exhibit.  despite that one tiny quibble,  it was a perfect sunday afternoon outing.

these thrifted jeans continue to be a wardrobe mvp! last week i scored these cute little boots on sale at target. oh, target, why can't i quit you?!     


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i've really been taking the idea of building a conscious closet and the concept of a capsule wardrobe to heart. i'm slowly making my way through my closet. purging as i go. to be completely honest i'm at my heaviest non pregnant weight and it's tough. my self esteem has taken a huge hit so the thought of clearing my closet of all of the beautiful things that not only no longer suit my lifestyle but are several sizes too small is a bitter pill to swallow!

but, life moves on. i don't want to miss out on making memories with Rowan or going out with my husband because i feel like i have nothing to wear or i look terrible in the things i do have. the past few months i've been shopping and thrifting. putting together a fall wardrobe that is not only functional but also makes me feel good when i go out. 

i made a drastic change when i colored my hair gray! the new color has also affected my style choices. i've been drawn to a more subdued color palette{gray,navy,army green,black}  as well as more modern and sporty styles. i feel like my past affinity for embellishment and frill would age me a little and compete with the gray. instead of the "wow" pieces i've been searching for basics in nice fabrics with interesting details. also, i thrifted these jeans for $1.95 !!WHAT!!

these days my errand running style is more sporty spice than lady beckham and i'm actually ok with it.