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strawberry season {heart and home}


this morning was a bit of a struggle. i went to bed last night with a headache and it was even worse when i woke up. we were supposed to meet up with some friends but i decided not to push. i cancelled the rest of our commitments, turned on peppa pig for rowan and rested.

one hour and two advil later, i felt a little better. i also felt extremely guilty for parking my kid in front of the television for an hour in an attempt to get a little more sleep.  

so, today was the perfect day to bake(and assuage my guilt!) we had intended to take ro strawberry picking last week but a stomach virus put a kink in our plan. i was more than delighted when one of our neighbors dropped off some of their berry bounty! i promised my husband i would make something tasty. i dusted off ruby- what? doesn't everyone name their mixer?!- and decided to give it a shot.

i will cop to being less than competent when it comes to baking. it's too exacting and science-y for me. perfect icing, intricate crust designs, pulled sugar...not in a million years. but, homey and rustic, that, i can do.

when i spotted a recipe for a rustic strawberry and cream cobbler i had to try it! my absolute favorite treat right now is mcdonald's strawberry and creme pie. seriously. #sorryimnotsorry they are so damn good!!  

rowan helped. and by helped, i mean stole a bunch of strawberries! cutest little thief i've ever seen!

they sit in flour, a little sugar, and lemon juice for at least a half hour. top them with your favorite biscuit recipe before baking.

heaven on a plate!

recipe found here