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The Pi(e) Maker

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Happy Pi Day!! And how else do you celebrate the world’s most famous number? With pie, of course!!

Friends, family and anyone unlucky enough to have a casual conversation with me about television knows that my most favorite show is Pushing Daisies. I’m still not over it’s untimely demise! One of my favorite parts of the show were the delicious and unusual flavor combinations of the pies offered by Ned, the pie maker. I couldn’t think of a better time to make my favorite inspired by Pushing Daisies Apple with Cheddar Cheese Crust pie! If you need me, I’ll be here watching my favorite show and eating pie for dinner! YOLO!

2019-03-14 04.54.15 1.jpg

2019-03-14 04.55.24 1.jpg
2019-03-14 04.50.25 1.jpg

recipe can be found here

strawberry season {heart and home}


this morning was a bit of a struggle. i went to bed last night with a headache and it was even worse when i woke up. we were supposed to meet up with some friends but i decided not to push. i cancelled the rest of our commitments, turned on peppa pig for rowan and rested.

one hour and two advil later, i felt a little better. i also felt extremely guilty for parking my kid in front of the television for an hour in an attempt to get a little more sleep.  

so, today was the perfect day to bake(and assuage my guilt!) we had intended to take ro strawberry picking last week but a stomach virus put a kink in our plan. i was more than delighted when one of our neighbors dropped off some of their berry bounty! i promised my husband i would make something tasty. i dusted off ruby- what? doesn't everyone name their mixer?!- and decided to give it a shot.

i will cop to being less than competent when it comes to baking. it's too exacting and science-y for me. perfect icing, intricate crust designs, pulled sugar...not in a million years. but, homey and rustic, that, i can do.

when i spotted a recipe for a rustic strawberry and cream cobbler i had to try it! my absolute favorite treat right now is mcdonald's strawberry and creme pie. seriously. #sorryimnotsorry they are so damn good!!  

rowan helped. and by helped, i mean stole a bunch of strawberries! cutest little thief i've ever seen!

they sit in flour, a little sugar, and lemon juice for at least a half hour. top them with your favorite biscuit recipe before baking.

heaven on a plate!

recipe found here

breaking bread


i consider myself to a decent cook but baking is something that i've never really been able to crack. if i'm being honest, the precise nature of it is more than a little bit intimidating. baked goods have to taste and look delicious too!  but, february is national bake for your family month, so i'm challenging myself to bake something that terrifies me once a week.

this week i'm tackling bread. there's all of that measuring and waiting and kneading and waiting. and praying that after all of that work that it doesn't come out like a brick! while browsing pinterest, i came across this recipe. no knead and the promise of freshly baked bread on a gray and rainy day. sold!  

the results are delicious!!

i think this is my new favorite thing- fresh baked bread topped with ricotta and honey!  four ingredients and 10 minutes hands-on prep time. it's so easy and so worth it. do yourself a favor, go make this. you can thank me tomorrow.