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This or That|| Neon

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Hi, I’m Courtnee and I love neon. I grew up in the 80s when neon was a big deal so my fondness for it is firmly rooted in nostalgia. These days I prefer to pair it with a neutral instead of another neon color which is what my 10 year old self would do. Because neon+neon= Totally Rad!

I found this skirt on the clearance rack marked down to $12 at JcPenny a few years ago and it’s been a favorite. What’s not to love? Chiffon, pleats, a pop of neon paired with tan…yes please! All of those details come together in an unexpectedly modern way that I love.

Anyone who knows me knows that gray is my favorite neutral. It’s not as harsh as black. Easier to wear than brown. And, pairs the easiest with other neutrals. Mixed metallic shoes are perfect for subtly tying together the gray+tan color palette. This outfit feels romantic without being fussy and I love it. Lately, I’ve been having so much fun digging through my closet, rediscovering things are years old, and styling them in completely different ways. Nothing in this outfit is new. The skirt is the newest addition and it’s probably 4 years old. I’d forgotten how much I love the creative process of putting together an outfit and it feels good to get back into that head space again!

IMG_20190731_134604 (1).jpg
IMG_20190731_134609 (1).jpg
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This is an easy look for everyday mom life. The same color palette in a super casual way that makes me look a hell of lot more pulled together than I actually am. The tee and chambray shirt are fun and recent thrift finds. I love making a casual outfit out of a piece that at first glance seems “dressy”. If I saved all of my dress up clothes for special occasions, they would literally never leave my closet! Don’t be afraid to experiment!

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This or That || Episode 2

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This striped top is one of my latest thrift store finds. I was immediately drawn to the stipes and the colors. When I pulled it off the rack I was pleasantly surprised by the boat neck and the bracelet sleeve. The fabric, though polyester, feels luxurious and it was only $5.99. We were obviously meant to be!


The top lends itself to dressing up but because my life as a SAHM is pretty laid back, I needed to work out how I could dress it down a little.

So, I made it a little more casual with white jeggings and black flats. While this is more put together than I tend to be when running around with a five year old, because white pants with a kid are a disaster in the making(!), I would definitely wear this for a day date with my husband or brunch with friends.


What’s a night out without a little or in this case a LOT of leg! I wouldn’t have thought twice about wearing shorts this short a decade ago! But, few extra pounds and few more years have made question my style way too much. I fell in love with the sweet scallop detail so they came home with me even though I was unsure if I’d have the nerve to wear them. This year I promised myself to give less damns about what people think I ought to be wearing so here we are!


D E T A I L S:

B L O U S E- Banana Republic- thrifted

J E G G I N G S - American Eagle

F L A T S- find here

S H O R T S- Forever21- thrifted

P U M P S- Aldo

C L U T C H- Banana Republic

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This or That || Skirted

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I found this skirt while thrifting last summer. I love the pleats and the chiffon. The $4.99 price tag meant my decision to buy and easy one. I wore it a few times mostly with oversized t-shirts and flat sandals. Like most of the country I’ve become a Marie Kondo fan girl and as I was cleaning out my closets I discovered not only does this little skirt spark joy, it’s perfect for early spring and the very first post in a series I’ve been wanting to do! I’m not sure which one I prefer….this or that…


I added one of my favorite blouses and a mustard colored cardigan. Tights and suede wedge booties complete a look that would be great for anytime I want to feel slightly more put together than my usual jeans and a sweater.



Going out at night, especially getting dressed up to go out at night, happens rarely these days. On the plus side, if we ever get a babysitter and manage to make it out, I have the perfect outfit to wear.