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Simple {worn}


The weather has been all of over the place and I'm a little hesitant to declare spring weather is here to stay but, I think it may be here to stay! 

If my winter uniform was leggings and oversized sweaters then my warm weather go-to is an easy dress. Last week we enjoyed some summer-like temps and I took the opportunity to reacquaint myself with some of my favorite dresses. 

I'm guilty of falling into the same pattern as lots of other moms. When you spend your days at home with young kids worrying about getting dressed in something other than what is easy and comfortable is not something high on my to do list. It was nice to throw on a dress and remind myself that I'm more than Rowan's mom, soother of tears, meltdown manager, tiny shit hauler!

This outfit may have reminded of my pre toddler mom life but I quickly remembered why all of my favorite heels have been moved to the back of the closet! These lasted for approximately 15 minutes before they were swapped out for flat sandals!


Real talk...this is what 75% of the photos look like when you're trying to take blog pics and you have a curious 3 year-old! "mama, mama...this?" "smile, mama"