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The Pi(e) Maker

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Happy Pi Day!! And how else do you celebrate the world’s most famous number? With pie, of course!!

Friends, family and anyone unlucky enough to have a casual conversation with me about television knows that my most favorite show is Pushing Daisies. I’m still not over it’s untimely demise! One of my favorite parts of the show were the delicious and unusual flavor combinations of the pies offered by Ned, the pie maker. I couldn’t think of a better time to make my favorite inspired by Pushing Daisies Apple with Cheddar Cheese Crust pie! If you need me, I’ll be here watching my favorite show and eating pie for dinner! YOLO!

2019-03-14 04.54.15 1.jpg

2019-03-14 04.55.24 1.jpg
2019-03-14 04.50.25 1.jpg

recipe can be found here

My Funny Valentine


Earlier this month I had the brilliant idea of making valentines for Rowan’s class party. And then I waited. And waited. And waited. Until last night, the night before the party to make them! Why make things simple when you can procrastinate and stress yourself out?!

With a little Pinterest inspiration and a quick run to the store for the cars, start to finish, these took a little over an hour to complete. I designed and cut them with my Silhouette. I attached the cars to the cardstock with the help of a little double sided tape. The cards didn’t need to have names but I loved the extra touch of printing all of the kiddos names on black cardstock with my white gelly roll pen. I’m so happy with how they turned out and Rowan was beyond excited to hand them out today to all of his classmates!


Looking for a last minute DIY Valentine? Or getting a headstart for next year! Download here.

An Exercise in Self Care


Self care is a word that is being thrown a lot lately. I’m still trying to figure out exactly what it means for me. Here’s what I’ve discovered. Self care is less about pampering and more about doing things that nurture my creativity. As of late that has included lots more reading, listening to music and journaling. I’ve never been huge into journaling for the same reasons I sometimes find therapy difficult, confronting what I’m feeling is really freaking hard! Emotionally, the last few years have been brutal and my survival has been partially due to my ability shut off a lot of what I’m feeling.

I recognize that it’s not healthy. Perhaps more importantly, it’s also not how I want move through the world. So I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting and writing. I’ve also started to do little bit of creative journaling. I’m not an artist in any way, shape, or form so collaging and scrapbooking makes me feel artistic. It’s also been a great coping mechanism in the last few months.

I took this photo on a hike a few weeks ago. Like many survivors of sexual assault and trauma, watching the Kavaungh hearing and the testimony of Dr Blasey-Ford was deeply triggering. My husband suggested a hike as a way to unplug for a bit. I snapped this photo as we were crossing the creek. I knew that I wanted to include it in my notebook as a reminder not only of how far I’ve come but also to give myself permission to bend or even break if I need to. It’s ok to have your shit together and rock at life. But, it’s ok if you’re not. It’s ok if you are getting through the day out of habit. It’s ok to not be ok.

And just in case you need to hear it today, I see you. I hear you. I believe you.

Spring Table


I know among bloggers and avid Instagram users there seems to be a consensus that Fall is the best season of the year. Boots, and sweaters, and pumpkin spice, oh my!  What's not to love?! But for me, Spring is where it's at! Warmer temps are finally making their debut. Things are starting to turn green and all of my favorite flowers are starting to bloom! Allergies aside, I adore spring! 

While I'm sure it's connected to the "rebirth" messages that are intrinsically linked to the season, I always start to think a great deal about memories, occasions and celebrations and the way we seem to want to box them off. Reserve them for something we deem deserving of the festivities. Sometimes we need to remind ourselves that our everyday lives are worthy of celebrating too! So even if you're just grabbing a pizza on your way home from work, why not break out your fancy dishes and treat yourself?! 


Oh Baby!


If you follow me on Instagram or know me in real life, then you know that last October my daughter and son-in-law announced that they were expecting their first baby! I'm going to be a grandma, a Gigi, a Mimi, a Gran...I'm campaigning hard for Gray(which is a combination of my first and middle name!)but my family remains unconvinced.    

A few weeks ago, we had a house full of friends and family to celebrate with Rian and welcome baby Olivia to the family. Her one request was nothing too over the top girly because it was a co-ed shower. Instead of a theme, I opted to for a color palette of pale pink, peach, gold and light wood accents. I found some clip art on Etsy that I thought would be perfect for the invitations and signs at the shower. 

We decided to have a brunch mostly because I wanted to have a biscuit bar! Neither of us is a fan of shower games. In lieu of sniffing diapers or melting ice cubes with tiny babies in them, I set up a headband station. Everyone including the guys had fun being creative and making darling headpieces for our girl. 

It was a laidback afternoon with family and friends. It gave me such joy to host this day. I'm already so in love with you Olivia! Get here soon, your grandpa and I can't wait to meet you! 

IMG_8367 (1).JPG
IMG_8385 (1).JPG
IMG_8388 (1).JPG

One Little Word


Last year, I chose cultivate as my one little word. In some ways, I succeeded. I made and nurtured new friendships. The seeds of several new creative endeavors were planted. And, I worked on strengthening some relationships that are very important to me. But, I fell short of how I wanted to use my One Little Word to help me navigate throughout the year. So, this year I'm choosing to COMMIT. I've made a list of goals that I want to either fully accomplish this year or take definite steps towards accomplishing them within the next two years. Long-term planning has never been my strong suit but this year, I'm committed to mapping out the pieces of my life that I've left to chance or neglected in the past.

COMMIT will be my touchstone for decision making this year.  Is this an idea, challenge, goal, relationship that I can fully COMMIT to? If not, why? Am I simply afraid to step up because I fear failure or is there a tangible reason why this can't be a "yes" for me? I think I say #hardpass on lots of things. Not because I can't do them. But, because my fear of success is almost as paralyzing as my fear of failure! What if I stop letting those two assholes make my decisions for me?!   

The less said about 2 0 1 7, the better! So, buckle up 2 0 1 8 because, I'm coming for you! 




Photo by Florian Klauer on Unsplash

Everyday Magic


Here's the thing about memories, often the best ones, the ones that stick with us throughout our lifetime, are the little moments that inject a tiny bit of magic in our everyday lives.

The combination of potty training and the first blast of arctic air has had us stuck in the house for a few days too many.  And, I think we both had a touch of cabin fever. After more episodes of Paw Patrol than I care to admit, I remembered we had some cookie dough mix and decided it would be a fun way to kill an hour! 

It wasn't a Pinterest perfect craft. It wasn't even made from scratch. We're both still in our pj's and rocking epic bedhead. But, a week later he still lights up talking about how we made cookies! 


We never know what little kernels of childhood our kids will hold onto as memories. But, I hope he remembers that sunny December morning, singing Christmas songs, dancing in the kitchen,  and making cookies! 

The Lazy Girl's Guide to Scrapbooking


Back in the day, I was a huge fan of scrapbooking. I had baskets and bins filled with papers and embellishments. I would print out my photos and sift through trying to come up with the perfect layout. And therein lies my problem.  I spent so much time wanting to make it perfect that I fell further and further behind. And I ended up with 14 months worth of photos I needed to scrapbook! Yikes! Then one day I stumbled on Project Life. It was a much easier and more modern way of memory keeping.  So once again, I bought a core kit and an album and got to work. And, once again I quickly fell behind due to my own expectations.   

Two years ago I fell down the rabbit hole of pretty or decorative planning. Planners and stickers make me a very happy girl! I've been happily exploring the world of decorative planning. I've grown from using scrapbook paper and stamping to buying stickers on Etsy to trying my hand at designing my own. My husband is a reluctant enabler of my hobby that he doesn't quite "get" but for Christmas, he surprised me with the newest planner gadget, an HP Sprocket. I can easily print out photos from my phone onto sticker paper! What is life?! I've been using it here and there to put photos in my planner. But, with the release of the big Happy Planner, I decide to fully commit to memory keeping again. 

The planner itself is dated(although there are undated versions) and beautifully illustrated. You could print out your pictures, slap them down and be finished. Easy like Sunday morning. I've chosen to add a little layering with scrapbook paper, a few stickers and some notes about the week that I'd like to remember.

It is so easy but at the same time allows me to get as creative as I want. It's also forcing me to print out photos which is something that I rarely do! I jot down little notes or cute things I want to remember throughout the week so that I can add them to my weekly layout.

This spread took me less than 30 minutes to put together!  

Rowan turns 3!

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Saturday our little hero turned 3! I'm not sure how three years have gone by in the blink of an eye but my little preemie is this amazing little boy! 

I decided on a comic book super-hero theme with black white with pops of color. We kept things pretty simple and easy. We opted to order some oversized signs from Amazon. I contacted the Etsy seller who designed the invitations to see if she could make a coordinating sign. I had it printed at Staples. I made the signs for the buffet in Picmonkey and attached them to cardstock to bring in more color. The husband did a great job on the "hero" sandwiches and I made up a batch of "dare"deviled eggs and some pretty super jello cups.

The weather cooperated and we had a beautiful afternoon celebrating with family. I love the way everything turned out.


The residents of the city sleep a little easier knowing that their hero is keeping a watchful eye on them.

Party Sources:

Personalized cape and mask- Little Shepsters- Etsy
Invitations and Banner design- Bernelo- Etsy
Comic Book signs- Amazon
Cake- Jensen's Sweet Sinsations

fall centerpiece DIY {heart and home}


Fall is my favorite season for lots of reasons- boots, pie, all pumpkin spice everything- but it is the most glorious season for flowers!! There are so many gorgeous blooms at your fingertips in September, October and even into November. 

I made a simple and pretty centerpiece out of a few leftovers. I'm still working out the kinks of filming these tutorials but I love the way this little arrangement turned out! 

Happy Monday!